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The company T.G.W. s.r.l. arises from a synergy between two companies that was  operating for twenty years in the design and development of special automation and customer service of known brands of machine tools.

In this context we find two generations of diving instructors (Graziano Brenna and Walter Dal Pan) who comes at different times before to recreational diving and then to the technical and found often in the use of equipment limitations sometimes functional or just for comfort.


The decision to undertake the production of underwater scooters and diving equipment comes from twenty years of passion and experience, which led us in the years to try what the market proposed, often thinking that certain technical details could be improved to help the divers


So we decided to design and build equipment with features and construction materials that were in our opinion the best compromise for this rapidly evolving world requiring high reliability, ease of use and low maintenance.


All this has made possible the creation of a company that allows us an easier way to the development and an easier and more controllable realization of these products.






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T.G.W. S.r.l.


                                     Sede Operativa Via Lombardia 83

                                                    22063 Cantù (Co)


                                              Phone: +39 031 731741
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Commerciale: Walter Dal Pan                  Assistenza: Graziano Brenna

                      +39 335 7105534                                  +39 340 5535519